Blog Posts in December, 2020

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/30/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Overall update: Happy New Year! Unfortunately, we are still experiencing an inpatient and emergency room Covid outbreak at this time. Both service lines are very busy. Our next public update will be on Monday, January ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/28/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Vaccination Update: MHP should begin receiving vaccines starting January 11 th. Indiana public officials will determine who is eligible to receive this first round of vaccines. Out of our 96 employees who have received ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/23/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Overall update : Today’s update is full of encouraging news. MHP’s positivity rate is down; Shelby County is no longer in the Orange category; MHP has only a few employees off work related to Covid; our Emergency ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/21/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Covid Vaccines: Chief Medical Officer Dr. Paula Gustafson received the first dose of her Covid vaccine over the weekend. Several MHP staff and Shelby County First Responders have also rolled up their sleeves to receive ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/18/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : COVID Vaccine: Major Hospital expects to begin receiving vaccines sometime in January for public distribution. Starting this week, our eligible staff began receiving their vaccines at Hancock Regional Hospital in ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/16/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : COVID Vaccine : Patient-facing MHP staff are now signing up and scheduled to receive their Covid vaccine this week and over the weekend. Over 70% of our staff have indicated they intend to receive the vaccine when it ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/14/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : COVID Vaccine : Registration for certain clinical staff to sign up for the vaccine has begun. We will start with our patient-facing staff first. Beginning next week, all MHP workers will be eligible to sign up to ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/11/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : COVID Vaccine : MHP performed an initial survey of its staff asking whether employees will receive the Covid vaccine when it’s available to them. Over 70% of employees affirmed they planned to do so. We expect ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/9/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Positivity rate : Shelby County is now in the “RED” category with a 21.72% positivity rate. Shelby County is still quite high compared to neighboring counties. Indiana is #1 in the country with the highest positivity ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 12/7/2020

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Updated CDC guidance on quarantine period : The CDC has reduced the recommended quarantine period under certain circumstances. For more information, please visit ... Read More

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