MHP SportWorks Rehabilitation Center

Physical and Occupational Therapy in Shelbyville, IN

Physical and occupational therapy is a long-term program that helps patients recover from injuries, prevent surgery, and recovery post-surgery. The MHP SportWorks Rehabilitation is equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic equipment and a team of experienced professionals.

In rehabilitation, it is important that every patient receives a personalized plan of care that addresses the specifics of their condition and their personal goals for recovery. For example, a person who sits at a desk for their job most of the day will need a different approach to recovery than a construction worker – even if they both have the same condition. Our team gets to know patients on a personal level and develops an individualized plan of care.

Our Rehabilitation Services

There are several different types of rehabilitation programs. Patients are referred to programs based on their specific needs. We offer the following rehab services:

  • Physical Therapy – Helps patients return to normal function, mobility, and independence. They specialize in lower extremity, shoulder pain, neck, and back pain caused from sprains/strains, surgery, work injury, and neurological disorders.
  • Occupational Therapy – This rehabilitation focuses on helping patients regain functionality for the elbow, wrist, and hand injuries. Our experienced hand therapists provide protocol driven treatments to quickly get someone back to work, play, and life.
  • Aquatic Therapy This therapy involves gentle, low-impact exercises that take place in the warm water pool. Aquatic therapy is ideal for patients who have a difficult time moving, chronic pain, and arthritis.
  • Speech Therapy (located at MHP Medical Center) Some conditions can impact a person’s ability to speak or swallow. Speech therapy uses simple speech exercises to help patients overcome lisps, slurring speech, stuttering, throat pain, and more. They also provide swallowing studies to make dietary recommendations.

You will need a physician’s referral to make use of our rehabilitation programs. Call the MHP SportWorks Rehabilitation Center at 317.392.5855 to learn more.

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