Women's Health

Women’s Health

Care Excellence for Nearly a Century

Finding the right women’s care center can be tough. With Major Health Partners in Shelbyville, you can feel confident in our commitment to giving you the best healthcare and keeping your confidence. Our medical team has been serving the Shelbyville community for decades, and we have the experience to keep you at your best. We offer a full suite of women’s health services to help women of all ages, and throughout all of Shelbyville to stay on top of their wellness.

Major Health Partners in Shelbyville has departments designed to meet the healthcare needs of women. Our board certified physicians at Major OB/GYN offer a variety of gynecological services to patients, and our Center for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery offers aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures to help accentuate the body’s natural beauty. We also host our Women’s Cancer Support Group to help female cancer patients and their families find community.

Major Health Partners offers many services for women, including:

  • Gynecological services—Our Major OB/GYN practice helps women with any medical treatment involving vaginal and reproductive care. For issues such as pelvic pain and disorders, abnormal vaginal bleeding, endometriosis, fertility problems, or to receive birth control, women in Shelbyville can visit our gynecology center for safe, confidential treatment.
  • Obstetrics services—Primarily concerned with pregnancy and the potential complications that can arise from it, our obstetricians help women maintain their health during and after pregnancy. Women’s bodies undergo a substantial amount of change and stress during fetal development, so having a helpful physician as a guide can make a huge difference in the speed and effectiveness of recovery.
  • Mammography and mammogram financial assistance—For women interested in receiving breast exams and x-rays, our mammography technologists have the compassion to make the process as comfortable as possible. The MHP Patient and Financial Services department can help patients who need financial assistance.
  • Fittings for post-treatment bras and prosthesis—Adjusting back to normal life following breast cancer treatment can be difficult. Our caring medical team offers resources for helping you look your best after completing cancer treatments.
  • Pregnancy care and support—Before you decide to have a baby, speak with our Women’s Health team to learn more about healthy habits to that will help your little one develop in the best possible way. Regular visits with a prenatal care doctor can help you know what’s normal during pregnancy and how you can prevent potential risks.
  • Online childbirth education—In the digital age, learning about pregnancy and childbirth is easier than ever. We offer free online childbirth education to give you the information you need for your pregnancy.

Healthcare Screenings Offered at Major Health Partners

Along with community services, regular checkups, and other healthcare procedures, we have equipment for performing screenings and scans.

We offer screening options such as:

  • Breast biopsy—By removing a small breast tissue sample, doctors can examine any potentially abnormal cell growth to make informed recommendations about treatments if necessary.
  • DEXA scan/bone density scan—To check for weakening bones in cases of osteoporosis, doctors can measure calcium levels in your body.

Women’s healthcare screenings at Major Health Partners generally check for irregularities in blood pressure, cholesterol, screening for cervical cancer, breast cancer, and diabetes. However, depending on your age, other aspects of your health will be screened as well. These include checking for weakening bones and colorectal cancer. Schedule your visit to Major Health Partners today to learn more about how you can stay strong and keep your body healthy.

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