Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness

MHP OnSiteSolutions is your local Shelby County resource to help your company create and implement your worksite wellness program. Our wellness team is dedicated to help improve the overall health and well-being of your employees and their families. Our corporate wellness services can be uniquely designed to satisfy the individual needs of your employee population. Healthier, happier employees lend to increased productivity and lower healthcare costs.

We will work one-on-one with your company to develop the worksite wellness program that best fits your company’s culture while keeping your goals and budget in mind. For more information call: 317-421-1859.

We provide onsite wellness services for your company

Health Screenings/Lab Draws

  • The following tests can be completed with a fingerstick allowing for real-time results and reviewed with a Registered Nurse: total lipid profile, blood glucose, A1C
  • Full panel of wellness labs by venipuncture; additional labs available; telephonic results provided by a Nurse Practitioner
  • Other onsite tests include blood pressure, pulse, BMI, body fat, waist circumference, spirometry, nicotine-testing
  • Mini-onsite blood pressure clinic
  • All shifts can be accommodated with easy, convenient coordination

Health Coaching/Education

  • Face-to-face, telephonic, virtual
  • Education and awareness, motivation, goal-setting, behavioral changes
  • Lunch and learns
  • Virtual classes
  • Online platform for employee engagement, health risk assessment, aggregate reporting
  • MHP care navigation assistance

Wellness Challenges

  • 30 Ways to Wellness
  • 5 A Day Challenge
  • 5 For Life
  • Fitness for All
  • Health Pursuit
  • Walk to Wellness
  • Walk A Rama
  • Milestone Challenge
  • Weight No More

Population Health Program

  • Focused approach to improve health outcomes of your employee population through coordination of care across the continuum
  • Dedicated care coordinators
  • Focus on self-management of chronic disease processes
  • Identify gaps in care

Weight Management Program

  • Custom-designed weight loss and/or weight management plans
  • Onsite weigh-ins
  • Dedicated wellness team member for education, motivation and goal-setting, behavior change
  • Life Steps: 16 week weight loss program offered twice a year at MHP

Stress Management

  • Licensed clinical social worker can assess and treat behavioral health issues
  • Assist in providing resource navigation
  • Directs care to appropriate mental health providers
  • Assist with existing EAP

Prevention and Early Detection

  • Counseling offered on preventive health needs
  • Additional tests at MHP include:
    • Heart scans/cardiac scores
    • Lung screens
    • Vascular screens
    • 3D Mammograms
    • Body composition

Ergonomics Training/Assessment

  • Onsite visits with MHP’s body mechanic experts

Counseling and Intervention for Ryobi Health Clinic

  • Provide brief therapy treatment to patients
  • Treatment for anxiety/panic, depression, anger, and trauma
  • Coping with illness and grieving loss
  • Provide psychoeducation on mental health diagnosis
  • Address and change unhelpful thought distortions
  • Development of healthy coping strategies
  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • Development of healthy lifestyle
  • Support for LGBTQI+ populations
  • Assist with social determinates of health

Ryobi Referrals

  • All insured employees and their insured dependents of Ryobi that report and/or exhibit distress to their primary care provider, health coach, or dietician will be referred to the social worker for social services and support.

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