Patients & Guests

Patient Referral & Resource Center

The Major Health Partners (MHP) Patient Referral & Resource Center is your one-stop shop to find a new Provider, scheduling tests and appointments, and getting health care questions answered. The Referral Center supports patients and their needs, assuring that they are referred to any specialist or provider where they need service.

  • We will help you with the following:
  • Getting a new doctor
  • Referring the patient to a specialty physician
  • Discovering insurance acceptance policies at other offices
  • Scheduling diagnostic tests or referral appointments
  • Obtaining insurance pre-authorizations
  • Receiving answers to questions about the patient's referral process
  • Finding resources for the patient's health care needs
  • Pre-registering new patients
  • Working closely with providers to meet the patient's needs

Upon requesting a referral, our coordinators will contact you within 24-48 hours with further details. Our nurses are available to answer questions and address concerns during your referral process. The Referral Center now has a 392-DOCS phone line so that patients, hospitals, providers, etc. can call looking for a new Primary Care Physician or just answer any questions the patient may have about the new hospital or any of our providers.