Ambulatory Care Center

Ambulatory Care Center

The MHP Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) is a new, innovative hospital unit with a more flexible way of observing and treating patients who are unwell but do not require admission to a hospital bed. This unit consists of senior nurses, advanced health care assistants and medical doctors. The MHP Ambulatory Care Center is located within the MHP Medical Center.

What are the benefits of ambulatory care?

Our Ambulatory Care Center has been designed to help avoid unnecessary admissions into hospital beds and ensure patients are cared for in the best and most efficient way possible. Patients do not present directly to the ACC, but are usually transferred to the ACC from the Emergency Department when further observation is needed and the patient is no longer in need of emergent treatment.

It is anticipated that ACC patients will be assessed for illnesses quickly and any necessary treatment and / or medical advice can be given immediately, which means in most cases, patients can be sent home the same day. Following a patient’s assessment and observations, it may be necessary to admit patients into a hospital bed; however, this will only be done if a doctor decides that there is a clinical need to admit the patient to the inpatient unit.

What happens once a patient is in ambulatory care?

Any necessary tests will be conducted and the patient will remain under observation to monitor for any changes in their condition. After initial tests have been completed, patients will be assessed by a doctor. Following an initial medical assessment, it may be necessary to perform further tests. It is also likely the patient will need to be examined again by a physician prior to their discharge. Occasionally, additional, more detailed tests are necessary such as CT or MRI scanning. These will be done as soon as possible but it is often necessary for patients to return on another day for their scans.

What if the patient needs to be admitted?

If, following your assessment, it is felt that you need admitting into a hospital bed, this will be arranged directly from the Ambulatory Care Center.