Patients & Guests

Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The PFAC is a volunteer task force of patients and family members that meet monthly and advise MHP on policies and operations from the perspective of those who receive its services.

For additional information contact: or Josh Georgen at 317-421-1988. Or simply click on the link below to apply.

PFAC Application


To provide ongoing feedback that aids in establishing organizational priorities and in addressing patient service issues.
To assist in promoting highly effective practices.
To improve the patient experience.

Why do we want you?

Patients like you and your family are the reason we exist. It is important that we listen to your thoughts
and opinions. We are healthcare professionals, and we are experts at providing care. But only our patients can tell us what it’s like to receive it. You have a unique perspective—one that we want to hear.

Why should I join?

Be the voice.
Help ensure that the patient’s voice is heard by serving as an advisor to hospital leadership.
Be a leader.
Provide advice and suggestions to help improve your hospital.

Am I eligible?

If you have been a patient and/or visitor to Major Hospital anytime since 2013, you are eligible to apply. All council members are requested to commit to serve on the council for a specified term. You must be able to speak comfortably and candidly in a group and have good listening skills. Council members will work in collaboration with staff to improve patient experiences.