You can pay your bill online with a credit card by visiting the links below. The links will open new windows in your internet browser. If you have your pop-up windows disabled in your browser, you may need to enable them to be able to access the links. When using these sites, you can rest assured that your credit card information is secure.

Pay Your MHP Major Hospital Bill

Pay Your MHP Physician's Office Bill

Payment Methods

If you already have a login, you can log into your account and pay your doctor's bill via the portal. Visit for more information.

Pay-By-Picture Mobile App

Experience the fastest and most convenient way to pay ALL your medical bills in one place (including non-MHP bills)! The HealthDollars app, sponsored by MHP, allows you to pay any medical bill with the simple snap of a picture. Saving you time, every time! Learn More

Download the App

You will need to use the registration code MHP after downloading the app.

Download the App through the App store Download the app through the Google Play store

Kiosks At Your Doctor's Office

Some of the MHP doctor’s offices have kiosks that allow you to pay outstanding balances and co-pays during your appointment check-in.

Mail Your Payment

Payments for Physician bills:

MHP Physician Bills
PO Box 415000
Nashville, TN 37241

Payments for Hospital bills:

MHP Major Hospital
PO Box 379
Greensburg, IN 47240