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Bone health specialists diagnose and treat bone health conditions, such as osteoporosis. At MHP Bone Health & Lifestyle Medicine, we are devoted to providing comprehensive orthopaedic bone health care; including osteoporosis screenings, diagnosis, treatment, therapy and education of all bone conditions.

We strive to promote bone health, reduce fracture risk, accelerate healing and prevent refractures.

Bone density tests

A bone density test can help you and your healthcare provider:

  • learn if you have weak bones, osteoporosis or osteopenia (bone loss) before you break a bone
  • predict your chance of breaking a bone in the future
  • see if your bone density is improving, getting worse or staying the same

Who should have a bone density test?

  • women 65 and over
  • men 70 and over
  • anyone over 50 who breaks a bone
  • menopausal women with risk factors
  • men between 50 and 69 with risk factors
  • anyone who has experienced loss of height

Risk factors for fracture include:

  • older age
  • low bone density
  • previous broken bone(s) as an adult
  • frequent falls
  • very low body weight
  • a parent had a hip fracture
  • low calcium intake
  • low vitamin D level
  • cigarette smoking
  • inactive lifestyle
  • long term steroid use