General Resources

Pet Policy

We understand that animals and pets are an integral part of some of our patients' daily lives. However, for the safety of all patients and guest, only service animals are permitted within MHP facilities. Below are some differentiators between service animals and emotional support animals.

Service AnimalsGreen paw print for service animal next to a blue paw representing emotional support animal

  • Service animals are ADA covered, which provides a patient or guest the right to bring the service animal into public establishments including health care facilities.
  • Service animals are able to tolerate a wide variety of experiences, environment and people.
  • Service animals may live with their disabled owners even if a “No Pets” policy is in place.
  • Service animals are trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Emotional Support Animals

  • Emotional support animals may live with their disabled owners even if a "No Pets" policy is in place, similar to service animals.
  • The primary job of an emotional support animal is to provide emotional support through companionship.