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Please address comments or requests for paper copies of the CHNA to:

Denise Holland
2451 Intelliplex Drive, Shelbyville, IN 46176

At Major Health Partners, the Community Liaison acts as a bridge to our community, helping link resources, organizations, and MHP services to support the health and wellness of our citizens. The Community Liaison is often out in the many communities of Shelby County listening to people, working with government and non-government organizations, and serving on boards and councils in an effort to collaborate with others to improve community well-being.Collage of pictures from past Major Health Partners events

The liaison hosts a monthly Community Networking meeting that brings together service providers and community investors to share information, network, and learn about important resources to help us better serve our clients and patients. The meetings are held at noon on the second Thursdays of each month except July.

Healthy Shelby County is Shelby County’s community health coalition. The coalition’s mission is to make the healthy choice, the easy choice in all the places we live, learn, work, play and pray. If you’ve seen the colorful Get Healthy Here signs, then you’ve encountered the branding campaign of Healthy Shelby County!

Across the United States, community health coalitions are instrumental in improving well-being and quality of life. The Community Liaison coordinates Healthy Shelby County. While MHP participates in the crucial work of Healthy Shelby County, the coalition is really a grass-roots, multi-sector effort to positively impact our county’s health. Healthier residents have a better quality of life, and in turn, so do their families, our schools, businesses, and industry. Health is everybody’s business because it involves much more than healthy people. It also requires healthy schools and a healthy environment and economy that support community well-being. The coalition meets from 9:00 – 10:30 a.m. on the fourth Friday of each month at the Shelby County Health Department. To learn more about Shelby County’s health strengths and challenges, as well as find resources to support health and wellness, visit the coalition’s website:

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