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For women in Shelbyville who need further analysis of breast tissue than what can be provided by a mammogram, it may be necessary to have a breast biopsy done. During a biopsy, a very small piece of breast tissue is removed to be examined further in a lab setting later. The Women’s Health Center at Major Health Partners has been providing caring service to our Shelbyville community for decades. Our team has the tools and experience to make the process as fast and comfortable as possible.

How are Biopsies Performed?

A biopsy is an outpatient procedure that is usually finished in less than 15 minutes. Once patients are registered in our system, the actual process takes only seconds. The procedure requires tissue from the breast, and there are a few ways of obtaining a sample.

Biopsy samples can be obtained by:

  • Fine-needle aspiration—Aspiration is the drawing out of fluid from an area by using a thin needle. Doctors will use an ultrasound device to guide the needle toward the area in question, then withdraw fluid to be taken and examined by a pathologist later. As this thin needle is the least invasive, anesthesia may not always be used. Samples are collected within seconds.
  • Stereotactic (Core-needle) biopsy—Stereotactic breast biopsies use mammographic x-rays to locate and target the area of concern and to help guide the biopsy needle to a precise location. This technique helps ensure that the area that is biopsied is the exact area where the abnormality was seen on the mammogram. It is called stereotactic because it utilizes two images taken from slightly different angles of the same location.
  • Surgical biopsy—Rather than using a needle to obtain a tissue sample, surgical biopsy may put patients under general anesthesia to administer a slightly larger cut.
  • Ultrasound core biopsy— An ultrasound-guided breast biopsy uses sound waves to help locate a lump or abnormality in the area of concern and remove a tissue sample.

How to Prepare for a Biopsy

As with any visit to a doctor, it is important that patients mention any medication they may be taking at the time to prevent any reaction with the anesthesia. It is also better to wear a top that is easy to remove. If your doctor believes you need a breast tissue biopsy, call the Women’s Health Center at Major Health Partners to schedule an appointment with our caring staff.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call 317.421.5678.

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