Pregnancy Care in Shelbyville

A Team That Cares about You & Your Newborn

Pregnancy is an exciting, though undeniably difficult, experience. If you are planning to have a baby, it is important to make sure your physical health is in good condition so that your baby can arrive safe and sound.

You should schedule a pre-pregnancy checkup to let your physician know you plan on getting pregnant so they can perform a health assessment and make sure your body is ready. A typical pre-pregnancy checkup includes a comprehensive checkup and a discussion about how changes you’ll need to make in your diet, exercise, medications, and lifestyle habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal Visits

Once you have become pregnant, you will need to regularly check-in with your physician so they can stay updated on your progress. These visits provide us with a chance to monitor the fetus’s growth and development. Depending on the status of the fetus, you may need to make adjustments in diet and lifestyle to accommodate your growing baby’s unique needs. We provide comprehensive counseling regarding nutrition, exercise, weight gain, and how to reduce risks to your and your baby’s health.

  • Prenatal visits are recommended:
  • Once a month between weeks 1 and 28
  • Once every two weeks between weeks 29 and 36
  • Once a week between weeks 37 and the delivery date

Keeping up with your growing baby’s vitamin intake is very important for both your health and the fetus’s. Your physician will likely review and adjust your vitamin schedule as needed during each visit. It may be necessary to start taking vitamins before you get pregnant, which will be discussed during the pre-pregnancy physical.

Finding the Right OB/GYN

Your OB/GYN often serves as the primary care physician during pregnancy. It is important to find someone you can trust and speak openly with—you should never feel afraid of asking questions or bringing up sensitive topics with your physician during pregnancy.

Our OB/GYN team is committed to providing skilled and compassionate care to expectant mothers through every step of the pregnancy. We want to help you relieve stress however we can. Feel free to contact us and meet with our team to learn more about us and what kind of service we provide. It would be our honor and privilege to assist you during this momentous period.

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