Shelbyville Occupational Therapy

At Sportworks, our Occupational Therapists are here to assist you in evaluating the movements necessary for your hobbies, work, daily tasks, and self-care activities. We specialize in treating deficits that arise after various health events, including:

  1. Stroke (CVA) and other neurological conditions
  2. Fractures and orthopedic issues such as tendon or ligament injuries
  3. Weakness following a cardiac event or prolonged hospitalization
  4. Fine motor coordination difficulties
  5. Challenges with self-care management

During the evaluation phase, we carefully assess any deficits that may have emerged as a result of your injury or illness. Collaboratively, our therapists work with you to devise a treatment plan aimed at improving these identified deficits, thereby enhancing your independence in activities you were previously able to do.

  1. The treatment plan may encompass a range of interventions, including:
  2. Range of motion exercises to enhance flexibility
  3. Techniques for managing swelling and inflammation
  4. Strength-building exercises to regain muscle function
  5. Activities to improve both fine and gross motor coordination
  6. Sensory-awareness exercises to enhance perception and response
  7. Cognitive development strategies to improve thinking skills
  8. Self-care strategies to facilitate independence in daily tasks

Through our personalized approach, we aim to support you in achieving your goals and maximizing your independence in your daily activities post-injury or illness.

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