• Positivity rate: Shelby County is now in the “RED” category with a 21.72% positivity rate. Shelby County is still quite high compared to neighboring counties. Indiana is #1 in the country with the highest positivity rate per 100,000 population. The Shelby County Health Department issued a press release yesterday outlining the new restrictions and recommendations and can be viewed at https://www.co.shelby.in.us/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/120820-Press-Release.pdf.
  • Vaccine distribution: We expect the Pfizer vaccine to be approved officially by the Food & Drug Administration/EUA tomorrow for distribution. Within one week, we anticipate receipt of the initial vaccine shipment and will immediately begin vaccinating those who meet the established criteria and choose to receive the vaccine.
  • Bamlanivimab “Bam” monoclonal drug for Covid treatment. By the end of the day, we will have infused 78 patients with this experimental Eli Lilly drug. Our hospital admission rate is 1.82% for high-risk patients that received this drug, which compares to a 10% admission rate for high-risk patients who did not receive the infusion. Since our previous update, we have not had any patients experience a reaction. We have approximately 150 vials remaining.


  • Number of NEW positive results: 79 new positive cases since 12/7/2020
    • Out of the 79 new positive cases, 6 patients required inpatient care and 73 remained outpatient. Testing turnaround times for COVID send-out tests to the State lab are greatly improved and taking between 36-72 hours at this time.


  • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 38 and 5 of those patients are in the Critical Care Unit (CCU)
    • Number of available 3rd floor beds: 2
  • Currently, we have 22 inpatients that tested positive for COVID.


  • Number of total ER patients in last 24 hours: 54 patients and 22 of those patients were life-threatening or met our critical care condition definition.


  • Number of vents currently in use and number of vents available:
    • We have 1 ventilator(s) in use and 3 BiPAP in use, 0 trilogy units are in use. This leaves us with 16 ventilation units available.