The employee project grants have been off to an amazing start! Watching employees act on patient need directly is an awe-inspiring experience. As a quick reminder, each September, departments are invited to apply for grants at the MHP Foundation to help them do their jobs better for patients. This is an opportunity for them to try a new program, explore a new idea, or get that just-out-of-reach budget item. Since we began Together We Are in 2019, we have seen amazing patient care right along with empowered employees.

Staff members in the ACC, Cardiopulmonary, Care Management, Primary Care, Pulmonology, Coag Clinic, Clinical Nutrition, Patient Experience, Maternity Care, and Population Health departments have all been granted grant monies to provide "the Major Difference" directly within their areas.

Together We Are going to do amazing things in 2023!

Bruce Banister, Patient Experience Navigator, poses with the pediatric surgery gift for our youngest patients undergoing an operation. These are fondly referred to as "Maple Rose" in honor of MHP's therapy dog.

Lisa Schnepp, Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, proudly presents a new resource for patients. The MyPlate program focuses on healthy eating for any age and stage of life.