Breaking News: The MHP Foundation is now accepting grant applications for nonprofit organizations who support MHP's charitable initiatives.

Social determinants of health have been a central focus and mission addition at MHP and the MHP Foundation for the past few years. There are so many factors that contribute to healthcare, and we understand our organization cannot act on all of them...

...but our community can and will.

We are excited to announce a brand-new grant application process for nonprofit organizations also working on social determinants of health and/or charitable initiatives related to improving healthcare.

The simple, online Interest form is open for submission year-round. Projects or ideas that match with our mission, inspire social determinants work, or problem-solve for established community needs will be sent an application to apply. Grant applications will be reviewed at the next MHP Foundation Board of Directors' meeting.

We are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our nonprofit partners!

Let’s work together. Visit