The Major Women's Alliance (MWA) is a self-supporting organization of women who serve as advocates for the MHP healthcare system and its patients through volunteer and philanthropic endeavors.

This amazing group is responsible for the highly-anticipated Style Show, the annual Christmas Tea, and countless patient care projects throughout Major Health Partners.

Current projects include:

  • oncology support bags
  • comfort carts for oncology patients
  • cardiac rehab gym bags
  • at-home workout equipment for cardiology patients
  • Christmas stockings for each baby born in December at MHP
  • cheerful, patterned pillowcases for pediatric patients
  • walker storage bags
  • port pillows to protect from seatbelts
  • wound care support bags

MWA members pay dues at varying levels. Each year, the group as a whole votes on ways to use their dues to support patients at MHP. Members may choose to be financial contributors only or to also be a program volunteer. We encourage and welcome any interested to become a member of this amazing group!

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