• Overall Updates: Shelby County has been designated as RED in this week’s county color code advisory map with a composite score of 3.0 based on the 7-day average of positive cases and rate of cases per 100,000. The current positivity rate is 16.58%. Please visit https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/2393.htm for more information.
  • Bamlanivimab “Bam” monoclonal drug for Covid treatment. As of today, we have infused 287 patients with this Eli Lilly monoclonal drug. We have a sufficient supply of both Regeneron and Bamlanivimab for our current needs.
  • Food Donations: Several community supporters have called to offer to donate food for our staff and physicians. Some are also doing it as a way to support those restaurants who are struggling to stay afloat while they are only open for carryout. We are extremely grateful for all the community support and selfless gestures. If you would like to find out more information, please contact Angela Gill by email (agill@majorhospital.org) or phone 317-421-0361.


  • Number of NEW positive results: 71 new positive cases since 1/4/2021
    • Out of the 71 new positive cases, 6 patients required inpatient care and 65 remained outpatient. All testing supplies are good at this time.


  • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 40 and 9 of those patients are in the Critical Care Unit (CCU).
    • Number of available 3rd floor beds: 0
  • Currently, we have 21 inpatients that tested positive for COVID.


  • Number of vents currently in use and number of vents available:
    • We have 5 ventilator(s) in use and 4 BiPAPs in use, 7 trilogy units are in use. This leaves us with 12 ventilation units available.