• “Bam” monoclonal drug for Covid treatment. We have given 4 patients this Eli Lilly drug. All four patients have tolerated it well without any interactions and are showing improvement. We are scheduled to give two additional infusions today. This drug is specifically designed for high-risk patients who have mild to moderate symptoms. It is not designed for patients who are already so ill that they require hospitalization.
  • Therapeutics and treatments for Covid. Unlike the first wave of Covid earlier in the year, we now have proven outpatient therapeutics and treatments that have shown excellent results in high-risk patients with underlying health issues; as long as they seek care early on in the disease. If you are high-risk or have underlying health issues, please do not wait until you are severely ill and be sure to seek care as soon as symptoms develop. It may mean the difference between a mild to moderate experience and a severe case, or worse.
  • Thanksgiving: We are asking the public to please be cautious over the Thanksgiving holiday. Help us slow the spread of Covid by washing your hands, social distance when possible, and WEAR YOUR MASK. Please have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Priority Care: We are still seeing extremely high volumes of urgent care patients at Priority Care. The availability of support staff is a concern and we are starting to shift resources to move Medical Assistants from other departments to assist. We are encouraging established patients to temporarily utilize MHP Family and Internal Medicine’s walk-in clinic in order to offload some of the volumes at Priority Care.
  • Nursing Homes: We are pleased to report that the two local nursing homes that recently experienced a Covid outbreak are starting to steady and stabilize.


  • Number of NEW positive results: 61 new positive cases since 11/18/2020
    • Out of the 61 new positive cases, 4 patients required inpatient care and 57 remained outpatient.


  • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 25 and 6 of those patients are in the Critical Care Unit (CCU)
    • Number of available 3rd floor beds: 15
  • Currently, we have 17 inpatients that tested positive
  • Number of patients in the 1st floor ACC unit: 2 with 22 beds available and none of these are patients that have positive or suspected COVID.


  • Number of total ER patients in last 24 hours: 45 patients, which is lower than we have been seeing previously.


  • Number of vents currently in use and number of vents available:
    • We have 4 ventilators in use and 3 BiPAP in use, 0 trilogy units are in use. This leaves us with 13 ventilation units available.