Testing volumes:

  • 4,965 total patients tested
  • 338 have tested positive for Covid (6.8% of patients who are tested have been positive)
  • We have an increase of 22 positive cases since 8/7/2020
  • The majority of those recent positive cases are outpatient and only 1 has been admitted to the hospital.

Testing supplies: As of this morning, we only had 10 testing kits from the State but we received another 450 kits mid-morning.

  • The turnaround times for the State Covid testing lab is approximately 48 hours now.
  • We have ceased using GuideMed testing due to turnaround times and logistical issues.
  • LabCorp is our secondary option for testing (if needed) since we are no longer using GuideMed.

Emergency Department volumes: We are not experiencing significant volume increases in the ER related to Covid. We are averaging around 50-55 total patients per day in the Emergency Room (most of those visits are not suspected of Covid).

Inpatient volumes: We are seeing a few patients with Covid symptoms who are admitted to the hospital each day. We only have 1 or 2 vented patients on a given day. The acuity of our inpatients is relatively lower compared to March-May. Some symptomatic inpatients are testing negative for Covid, but their presentation is consistent with our Covid positive patients. We are treating them accordingly.

Visitation policy changes:

  • If a patient is Covid positive (or clinically diagnosed as positive) on the inpatient unit, then we will no longer allow visitors, unless it is an end-of-life situation.
  • If a visitor is Covid positive, we will not allow them to visit a patient. Such persons should be quarantined per CDC recommendations and not outside their home.
  • If the patient’s Covid test is “pending”, his/her visitor must wear a mask while inside the facility and while inside the patient’s room at all times.

Waldron Nursing Home:

  • We are assisting with managing an active increase in positive cases at Waldron nursing home. Additional testing of residents and employees will be conducted soon. Waldron is also working with the Shelby Co Health Dept and State Dept of Health.


  • With the resumption of school, two different schools have reported 1 positive case to date. We have only transferred one patient under the age of 18 to a higher level of care. Said patient had underlying health conditions.