Please join us in celebrating National Nurses Week May 6th – May 12th!

National Nurses Week allows us the opportunity to thank the 300+ nurses that we have at MHP! Our nursing staff has a broad knowledge
base that allows them to contribute at a high level in a variety of different roles, with the primary focus being service to the patient.
MHP is fortunate to have a team of professional nurses who are truly difference makers!

During National Nurses Week, MHP selects 6 outstanding nurses who are honored with the titles of Nurse of the Year.
Of those 6 honorees, one outstanding nurse is chosen as the recipient of the highly regarded Monna Linne Award for Nursing Excellence. 

Please congratulate the following nurses who have been selected as MHP’s 2024 Nurses of the Year:

Traci Branstetter RN – FIM

Haley Meyer RN – Inpatient

Lisa Castor NP – Wound Center

Lindsey Spragg RN – Surgery

Mindy Endsley RN – Emergency

Haley Werbe RN – Cardiac Rehab

Please also join us in celebrating Haley Werbe, RN.
Haley was selected as this year's Monna Linne Award for Nursing Excellence recipient!