It is with heartfelt emotion that Major Health Partners (MHP) announces the retirement of our esteemed leader, Jack Horner, effective March 2025. For 16 remarkable years, Jack has guided our organization with unwavering dedication and vision. We extend our warmest congratulations to Jack as he embarks on the next chapter of his journey.

“Under Jack's guidance as President and CEO, MHP has flourished into a beacon of healthcare excellence in central Indiana,” says Jan Sandman, MHP Board Chairperson. “Throughout his storied 40-year career at MHP, Jack's leadership has propelled us to new heights of success and innovation. From pioneering initiatives to fostering a culture of collaboration and compassion, Jack's impact on our community and organization is immeasurable.”

Jack's legacy is one of selflessness and humility. Despite his numerous accomplishments, he has always deflected praise onto our dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and staff. “His leadership has not only shaped MHP but has also left an indelible mark on the healthcare landscape of Shelby County,” Sandman said.

From navigating the challenges of a worldwide pandemic to spearheading critical projects such as building our new medical center, implementing a unified EHR platform, and building a community health and wellness center, Jack's leadership has been nothing short of exemplary. His driven innovation was instrumental in establishing new service lines such as Nephrology, Dialysis, Breast Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Rheumatology, Urogynecology, and Psychology, to name a few. Under his guidance, MHP has continually been recognized as a Top 100 Hospital and maintains top quartile status among community hospitals for quality, safety, and patient satisfaction. Jack's strategic vision ensures MHP's industry leadership while optimizing investments for long-term sustainability. His impact extends beyond accolades; Jack's dedication earned him the 2020 Distinguished Service Award from the Indiana Hospital Association. Through relentless pursuit of excellence, Jack has positioned MHP to continue our ability to fulfill our mission and reinforce the value we deliver for our community.

“We express our deepest gratitude for his unwavering commitment and passion,” Sandman said. “The Major Health Partners Board of Directors is immensely grateful for Jack's guidance and leadership, which have made our jobs both easier and more fulfilling.”

In conjunction with this announcement, we are thrilled to announce the MHP Board’s full support for Ryan Claxton, who will assume the role of President starting June 1st, 2024. Jack will continue to serve as CEO until March 31st, 2025, at which point Ryan will seamlessly transition into the role of President and CEO, ensuring the continued success and prosperity of Major Health Partners.

Please join us in celebrating Jack's remarkable career. His legacy will continue to inspire us for years to come.