MHP's Care Management department took patient outreach to a whole new level thanks to a Together We Are grant!

Last quarter, Lacy Harness, Erin Crouch, & Karina Gonzalez focused on educating Hispanic/Latinx community members about high blood pressure and managing it by visiting a local Hispanic market and talking to patrons in real time.

Hispanic/Latinx patients have a notably higher rate of hypertension awareness and more incidences of unmanaged high blood pressure. The care management team took a big step to talk with patients who either can't or won't come to MHP for health services.

This department's grant allows them to provide education AND blood pressure cuffs to help those in need self-manage hypertension and prevent serious, chronic health issues. Many were so touched by this gesture that they asked, "Can a doctor come here, too?". Several others' anxieties about hospitals were calmed; they're ready to receive care they need.

We're so proud of this team for trying an innovative technique to educate and empower patients to make their own healthcare choices!