We are thrilled to serve the community alongside the Blue River Community Foundation. They have been amazing partners in 2023! We appreciate their willingness to collaborate on new initiatives - specifically with social determinants of health - to "ignite action to improve the quality of life in Shelby County".

"Blue River Community Foundation encourages our grantees and local charitable organizations to partner and collaborate when possible. We do not give this piece of advice because we have read it in articles or someone told us about it in a workshop. We know the benefits of partnering and collaborating and the impact that these relationships can make in our community from experience. This year, we are extremely delighted to have formed a collaboration with MHP Foundation to distribute grant dollars to local organizations that are making a difference in our community. Both of our organizations strive to create a better quality of life for Shelby County and by putting our talent, resources, and funding together, we can do even more." – Jennifer Jones, BRCF Executive Director