Blog Posts in February, 2021

  • Donor Spotlight: A Special Legacy

    Carrying a bag of gifts and a sealed envelope, a special visitor named Byron Baldwin greeted each and every caretaker in the oncology department while everyone gathered for an unexpected presentation. The arrival of the one-and-only Dr. Cole brought ... Read More

  • Doctors Day 2021

    National Doctors Day is March 30, 2021. Why not be part of the celebration at MHP and send your doc a note of appreciation? Simply follow this link, and we’ll print your message and deliver it to your physician on Doctors Day. With your ... Read More

  • Upcoming Foundation Events

    Retirement Readiness: Do I Have Enough to Retire? Wednesday, April 14, 2021 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. Online Meeting It's the $64,000 question! Andrea Lee and Brett Rice of CoreVision Financial Group can show you how to calculate if you have ... Read More

  • MHP's COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

    The MHP Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic as of January 15, 2021. The clinic is open 8 hours a day from Monday - Saturday, and it is located in the lower level auditorium. The eligibility of the vaccine is ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 2/17/2021

    MHP Incident Command has taken a temporary break from our weekly Covid updates. We have postponed our internal Incident Command meetings because our Covid activity both inpatient and outpatient has decreased into a very manageable level for the time ... Read More

  • Winter Weather Closings 2/16/2021

    The following locations have been affected by the current winter weather conditions and will be CLOSED, FEBRUARY 16, 2021. Primary Care Offices & Clinics MHP Priority Care – OPEN 9AM – 7PM on 2/16 MHP COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic - CLOSED ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 2/3/2021

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Overall update: Incident Command has decreased to weekly meetings on Wednesday mornings. Shelby County has been designated as ORANGE in this week’s county color code advisory map based on the 7-day average of ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 1/27/2021

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Overall update: Shelby County has been designated as RED in this week’s county color code advisory map with a composite score of 2.5 based on the 7-day average of positive cases and rate of cases per 100,000. ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 1/25/2021

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND : Overall update: Indiana’s Covid positivity rate is 9.9% and Shelby County is sitting at 15.29%. Priority Care averaged approximately 20 patients per day over the weekend, which is substantially lower than ... Read More

  • COVID-19 Update | 01/22/2021

    UPDATES FROM INCIDENT COMMAND: Overall update: Indiana’s positivity rate is now 10.8% and Shelby County’s positivity rate is sitting at 15.29%. Major Hospital’s inpatient and outpatient volumes have decreased slightly compared to ... Read More

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