Inpatient unit: Thirty-nine of our 40 beds are occupied on our 3rd floor inpatient unit. We had eighteen critical care patients at one point over the weekend, which represented 45% of our inpatients.

  • We currently have sixteen critical care patients on the 3rd floor and eleven (69%) of those patients are due to Covid. Of the eleven Covid-related critical care patients, only one is vaccinated.
  • We have eight patients on ventilators, plus five additional patients who are on Vapotherm or BiPap.
  • Twenty-six (67%) of our inpatients are Covid positive and twenty-three (88%) of them are unvaccinated.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department averaged seventy-two patients each day over last three days. This is down compared to last week when we averaged eighty-six patients per day. Our ACC unit currently has twelve observation patients. We have seventeen infusions scheduled today and we infused seventy patients Thursday/Friday of last week. We have 118 doses of Regeneron remaining, but we are learning that the Omicron variant is likely resistant to the infusion drugs we have been using due to its multiple mutations. The Omicron variant has been identified in Indiana, but the Delta variant remains the predominant strain at this time. Omicron is expected to become the dominant strain within a few weeks. We are awaiting additional information from the Indiana State Department of Health.

Urgent Care and Walk-in visits: Priority Care is seeing up to ninety patients per day and the wait times are longer than expected. MHP Family and Internal Medicine walk-in visits are slightly less busy, so that may be a better option for established patients. MHP Pediatric walk-in visits are slightly less busy than last week and we are seeing a handful of Covid positive cases and an increase in the number of seasonal flu positive cases.

Get your Covid vaccine at MedWorks Pharmacy: MedWorks Pharmacy is offering the Pfizer vaccine and Pfizer booster, Johnson & Johnson vaccine and booster, as well as the Pediatric Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. We request patients call to schedule an appointment for the Pediatric dosing, which is available on Wednesdays and Fridays. Call 317-421-2020 to schedule an appointment. All the other vaccines can be scheduled on the MHP website or by calling MedWorks directly. We accept walk-ins for the adult vaccines as well.