The Shelby Co Covid positivity rate is 9.5% and we remain in “orange” status.

MHP Priority Care and MHP Pediatrics walk-ins: Patient volumes continue to be busier than normal. A high proportion of pediatric patients are seeking treatment.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department is seeing more than 75 patients per day since August 1. We saw 88 patients on Friday (8/27), 80 patients Saturday (8/28) and 83 patients Sunday (8/29). Many patients have a high acuity and need transferred to a tertiary facility to provide a higher level of care; and many of these are pediatric patients.

Hospitals on diversion: Community Hospital and Hendricks Regional are on diversion and not accepting any patient transfers. IU Methodist is on diversion for ER/Critical Care/Trauma. St. Francis was on diversion over the weekend; including STEMIs. However, St. Francis is now open for STEMI transfers only. A STEMI (ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction) is the most severe type of heart attack.

Inpatient unit: The 3rd floor inpatient unit is completely full. We still have bed availability in our ACC inpatient unit. We currently have 15 critical care patients on the 3rd floor and 10 patients are on vents and 5 of those patients are requiring “proning”. All of our vented patients are unvaccinated. 20 of our inpatients are Covid positive and only 3 of those are vaccinated. Staffing continues to be a challenge because of the high acuity of these patients.

Local Nursing Homes: At least one local nursing home is starting to have Covid positive residents.

Drugs and Supplies: We are infusing several Covid+ patients on a daily basis with 11 scheduled for today. We do not have any supply or PPE issues at this time.

Employee illness: We have a total of 6 employees out with Covid or suspected Covid at this time.

Testing metrics at MHP: So far in August, we have 403 patients who have tested positive and of those80% were unvaccinated. 17% were fully vaccinated and 3% had at least one dose of the vaccine. The median age is 30.

The MHP Gift Shop and Cafe are closed to the general public unless you are here to seek care or accompanying a patient.