August 23, 2021

Overall Update: The FDA approved Comirnaty (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA), which was previously known as Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. It is no longer under Emergency Use Authorization.

The Shelby Co Covid positivity rate is 10.34%. The Delta variant represents 97% of Indiana’s new Covid cases. In July, we had 67 patients test positive for Covid throughout the system. In August, we have had 232 patients test positive across the system and 19% of those patients were vaccinated. 81% of our Covid positive patients were unvaccinated.

MHP Priority Care: Walk-in volumes remain double our expected norms for this time of year. The vast majority of patients are presenting with respiratory symptoms.

MHP Pediatrics: Similar to Priority Care, our walk-in volumes are double the norm.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department is averaging 78 patients per 24-hour period, which is approximately 10-15 patients higher than expected volumes. Many of these patients are critical patients and ESI patients. Emergency Severity Index (ESI) is a five-level emergency department triage algorithm, representing the acuity level of the patient.

Inpatient unit: We have 40 inpatients on the 3rd floor and 6 inpatients in the ACC unit. 8 of our 46 inpatients are on vents. 15 of our 46 inpatients are Covid positive. Staffing remains an issue because our vented patients are requiring 5-6 critical care nurses per shift. Respiratory therapy staffing is an issue as well given our high volume of vented patients.

Covid Testing: We have a large supply of the send-out Covid tests. Rapid tests continue to be in short supply. The rapid antigen testing supplies are on allocation as well. We only have 90 rapid antigen tests remaining.

Patient and Visitor masking policy: We are following the latest guidance from the CDC, SDOH and OSHA. The new policy is not an MHP policy, but a federal and state mandate for healthcare facilities. All entrants will be given a surgical mask or medical grade mask upon entry. Cloth masks are no longer permissible, which is an OSHA requirement.

Pharmacy: Regeneron and Remdesivir are in good supply and we continue to infuse Covid positive patients on an outpatient basis.