Written by: Jeff Williams, MHP Vice President of Facility Operations & Safety Officer

The MHP Medical Center was designed and built with many new measures to prevent the spread of contagious viruses and illnesses. Here is what we have done and continue to do to help control and eliminate infection spread at MHP.

In the Medical Center's design process, patient safety and infection control were key considerations. Air entering and circulating throughout the Medical Center passes through high-efficiency filtration and Ultraviolet-C light units. In hospital inpatient units and certain clinical departments, the air handling systems can be controlled in such a manner that spaces where infectious patients are housed, treated, or seen operate with negative airflow. This means clean filtered air enters these spaces and is then exhausted to the outside with minimum recirculation. The air inside MHP's facilities has been tested and shown to be much cleaner and free of particulate matter than the air you breathe outside on any given day.

We've stepped-up housekeeping throughout the Medical Center. Many of our staff now assist our housekeeping employees in wiping down furniture, contact surfaces, and touch screens throughout the facilities. We're also all about personal protective equipment (PPE). All MHP staff are trained and required to wear PPE. We have good stocks of PPE and continue to increase these inventories.

One of the most important things all MHP staff are trained to do is wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. We've always done this and always will.