MHP COVID-19 Daily Update
ATE: April 23, 2020

Need a Telehealth Visit?:

    • Resumption of services: We are planning a soft and deliberate reopening, which could happen as early as next week. Our approach will be to consider the Governor’s guidance, physician and staff considerations, our supply of PPE, supply of necessary medications, and patient safety. We anticipate some patients may be hesitant to come to the hospital for a period of time after the crisis subsides. We believe our soft opening approach will ease those fears and ensure the safest possible environment for patients and staff. MHP was already prepared as we intentionally separated inpatient volumes from the beginning of the crisis by keeping confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases on the third-floor unit and all non-COVID-19 inpatients on the first-floor ambulatory care center unit. Likewise, we conducted all outpatient respiratory illness visits outside the MHP Medical Center and conducted all those at either Priority Care or our Washington Street Clinic. All these precautions should instill confidence in the public that patient safety and quality outcomes are our highest priorities.
    • Free Virtual Visit for MHP Employees at MHP Psychology: MHP Psychology is offering a free 30-minute virtual visit for MHP employees who are feeling overwhelmed and need a listening ear. This service will be provided Monday through Friday 9:00am to 2:00pm. Employees should call MHP Psychology at 317-392-2971, and ask to speak to a provider. If your schedule requires an appointment outside these hours, please let us know and we will work to accommodate you.
    • Community Support Event: Some churches in the community will conduct a drive-through showing support to our extended care facilities and the MHP Medical Center. They plan to complete their drive at MHP with a prayer service. Giant 98 plans to broadcast it. This will be held Sunday, May 3rd and they plan to arrive at MHP sometime around 6:30-7PM.
    • ISHAA Sports Physicals: The IHSAA has updated school physical requirements for the 2020-2021 season. ISHAA will waive the requirement for a new updated physical. Athletes must have a physical from the 2019-2020 season on file to participate. If they do not, they must have a physical completed after April 1, 2019. Incoming freshmen will also be able to use their physical form from 2019-2020. Transfer students must provide a copy from their previous school for the 2019-2020 season.
    • Masks: Medium-sized half masks have arrived.
    • Cavi wipes: Our vendor has been unable to supply these for quite some time. Clorox/Lysol wipes would make an excellent substitute. If you have these and are willing to donate, please contact us.
    • We need your empty hand sanitizer bottles. We are making our own hand sanitizer and need your empty containers in order to reuse.
    • Do you have items that you would like to donate? (hand sanitizer, masks, respirators, gloves, N95, bouffant caps, or gowns). If so, please contact Angela Gill (
    • Food Donations: Several community supporters have called to offer to donate food for our staff and physicians. Some are also doing it as a way to support those restaurants who are struggling to stay afloat while they are only open for carryout. We are extremely grateful for all the community support and selfless gestures. If you would like to find out more information, please contact Angela Gill (
    • Priority Care located at 30 W. Rampart Road: Treated 10 patients yesterday with respiratory signs/symptoms. Priority Care is open 7AM-7PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-2PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Washington St. Clinic located at 157 W. Washington St: Treated 10 patients yesterday with respiratory signs/symptoms. Washington St. Clinic is open 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.
    • Number of available swabs/media: 50, plus an additional 190 GuideMed testing kits available through Priority Care or the Washington Street Clinic. We will continue to follow the ISDH/CDC testing protocols to determine which patients are eligible for testing. The testing criteria was updated this week and is available on the ISDH website.
    • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 18
    • Current number of patients with respiratory related diagnoses: 17 (4 patients on a critical care vent and 0 on BiPap and 0 on a trilogy device)
    • Number of available beds on the 3rd floor: 22
    • Number of inpatients in the ACC unit: 9 with 13 beds available
    • Number of ER patients in last 24 hours: 43
    • Number of ER patients with respiratory signs/symptoms: 8 (representing 19%)