If you have diabetes, you’re not alone. Diabetes is a serious condition that affects many people in Indiana. According to the American Diabetes Association of Indiana, 738,000 children and adults in Indiana have all forms of diabetes, including type 1, type 2 and gestational.1 Of that group, an estimated 160,000 have diabetes but don’t even know it.1 Additionally, at least 1.7 million Hoosiers have pre-diabetes – a condition that puts a person at risk for type 2 diabetes.1

Our diabetes experts want you to know, that no one is “perfect,” and your struggles are real and valid. If it feels like too much to manage on your own, help is out there. MHP offers specific resources and help for those with diabetes. If you have diabetes, your provider can refer you to the MHP Diabetes Clinic. While he or she will continue to order medications and manage your diabetes, the staff at the MHP Diabetes Clinic consists of Registered Nurses and a Registered Dietitian who will offer specialized support and education to offer additional assistance.

The MHP Diabetes Clinic serves those with Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes (during pregnancy). People with diabetes face many problems such as lack of resources, difficulty affording medications and supplies, and depression or “burnout.” These barriers make diabetes an especially challenging disease to manage. The staff at the MHP Diabetes Clinic will assess each patient’s situation and help develop an individualized plan of care to better control their diabetes and other associated symptoms.

When referred to the Diabetes Clinic, one can expect his or her first visit to be with the Diabetes Nurse. We will talk about your day-to-day lifestyle, what is going well and what is not going well, and then together figure out what steps we need to take to help make managing diabetes fit into your lifestyle. Everyone’s plan is specific to his or her needs, lifestyle, resources, strengths, and challenges. You will follow up with the Certified Diabetes Educator and/or Registered Dietitian either in a group setting or individually, depending on your needs. We will meet you wherever you are on your journey with diabetes and help you work through your struggles.

Outside of the clinic, we host a Diabetes Support Group the last Thursday of each month with a guest speaker to discuss a new topic of interest to the group. We provided a group weight management class, Lifesteps, and a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program class. We also host a Health Fair each year with many vendors, samples, giveaways, and free health screenings.

Meet the team:

Lacy, BSN, RN, CDE (Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with Certification in Diabetes Education)

Sophia, RN, CDE (Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with Certification in Diabetes Education)

Lisa, RD, CSOWM, CDE (Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, Diabetes Care and Education Specialist with Certification in Diabetes Education)

Source: https://www.diabetes.org/community/local-offices/indiana