During the month of November, there’s a big emphasis on food. With a big holiday right around the corner that has a huge focus on food – it can stress out even the most disciplined of eaters. But, for someone who has diabetes, the turkey holiday can be as emotionally difficult as it is challenging to their physical health. November is also National Diabetes Month, so we’re going to shift our thinking and focus on the positive this Thanksgiving holiday.

“Carbs are not the devil!” says Lisa Schnepp, RD, CSOWM, CDE. “All foods can fit into a healthy eating plan. It’s about portion control, making healthier choices most of the time then recognizing that we are all human and like a variety of foods, some of which are not the healthiest. That doesn’t mean we are “bad” or that diabetes will not be managed well because a person ate a piece of cake.”

MHP Nutrition Services offers a wide variety of services. Lisa and her team see people on an individual basis when referred by their providers and cover anything from disease prevention, disease management, healthy eating, weight management, sports nutrition, and food allergies. The team sees women who are pregnant as part of their routine prenatal care and they counsel pediatric patients on referral from MHP Pediatrics. MHP Nutrition Services also provides a group weight management class, Lifesteps, and a CDC-recognized Diabetes Prevention Program class.

MHP Nutrition Services also has a dietitian who cares for inpatients and who cares for our oncology patients. We visit the cardiac and pulmonary rehab gym as well as make phone calls to those participants. And we provide services to several of the local industries through the OnSite clinics.

If you do not have diabetes but have other nutrition-related concerns, you can be referred to MHP Nutrition Services. Ask your provider for a referral or call us directly at 317.398.5315 and we will be happy to request a referral on your behalf.

We wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings!