After giving birth to her son, Holly Scott didn’t really know where to turn for breastfeeding help. This experience, along with a passion for helping other mothers breastfeed, inspired the MHP Maternity Care RN and Riley Children’s Hospital 15-year veteran NICU nurse to become a board-certified lactation consultant. Holly attended classes for several years and studied for an international exam to become a board-certified lactation consultant by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

As a credentialed IBCLC, Holly works hard to support the goals of the mother, whether their intent is one month or a year-long journey of breastfeeding. The role of a lactation consultant is to assist and support mothers and babies through that experience. They can help with many breastfeeding concerns; babies who have latching issues, monitoring poor weight gain, milk supply, pain, mastitis, pumping and storage guidelines and breastfeeding medication questions.

Holly’s help is always a judgment-free zone. “As long as a woman is doing what’s best for her and her baby – I support them,” says Holly. “I want to help mothers meet their goal. I provide the knowledge and skill of a lactation consultant along with support and truth they need to meet that goal. I will be their biggest cheerleader! If their goals change or they chose a different path, I support that. There is no judgment.”

If you’re in need of Holly’s expertise, call the MHP Lactation Line at 317.398.5316. She also hosts a private support group page on Facebook and in-person support groups at MHP. For those mothers who have delivered at MHP, in-person one-on-one consultations can be scheduled with Holly free of charge within 30 days of delivery.

“If a mother decides to take the journey of breastfeeding their infant, it can be the most challenging yet rewarding experience of their life,” says Holly. “I want to be there for them to help along the way.”