Meet Peyton, our newest foundation builder!

Peyton has big dreams, and she wants to start with the Tree of Life in the MHP Medical Center Main Concourse. Family members saw a great opportunity to support her generous heart.

Peyton is only nine years old, but she understands that it's important for people to help each other, and she makes it a priority in her young life. Her dream is to end homelessness!

When Peyton learned that the Tree of Life, located in the main concourse of the MHP Medical Center, recognizes people who have made contributions to the MHP Foundation, she wanted to make a gift, too. Peyton's family made a call to the Foundation office and learned about MHP Foundation Builders. They visited the website,, and set up Peyton's own fundraising page. On her page, Peyton asks people to celebrate her birthday by giving gifts to the Foundation to help others who can't pay their medical bills. Click here to visit Peyton's fundraising page.

You can make a gift on Peyton's page or even start your own page! Happy birthday from all of us at MHP to a special birthday girl, Peyton!