Peer to peer fundraising and do it yourself fundraising are taking off. KaLeigh and Angela have been invited to speak at bbcon 2019 on how they've maximized the power of technology and social media in their 2-person office.

What is bbcon 2019? It's the cool way to say "Blackbaud Convention, 2019." Blackbaud is the technology used by the MHP Foundation to track donors, record gifts, and manage finances.

It offers capabilities for "Do It Yourself" fundraising, like the kind that Peyton is doing. Click here to see Peyton's fundraiser. Blackbaud products also utilize the power of social media to fundraise.

The MHP Foundation has been testing technique starting in the spring of 2017, and since then has engaged 115 new donors and 29 fundraisers. They've been selected by Blackbaud to share at bbcon how they did it!