September 10, 2021

MHP Priority Care and MHP Pediatrics walk-ins: Yesterday was the first day in the last several days where our walk-in volumes were not busting at the seams at Priority Care, MHP Pediatrics and MHP Family & Internal Medicine. Volumes remain much higher than our typical norms, but not as high as they have been the last two weeks.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department is averaging 81 patients per day since September 1st. In the last 7 days, we are averaging 79 patients per day.

Inpatient unit: We have two available inpatient beds on the 3rd floor at this time.

  • We currently have 14 critical care patients on the 3rd floor and 7 patients are on ventilators, plus several more patients that are currently on high levels of oxygen. Of the 7 patients on a ventilator, 5 of those patients are due to Covid.
  • 18 of our inpatients are Covid positive and 13 of those inpatients are unvaccinated.

Employee illness: We have a total of 10 employees out with Covid or suspected Covid at this time. 5 employees have returned to work after completing their quarantine period.

Regeneron supply: We have 31 remaining doses of Regeneron at this time and this drug is currently on allocation. We have 70 remaining doses of the Eli Lilly infusion drug. We performed 115 infusions last week and 81 so far this week.

Testing results: Between 8/29 and 9/4, Major Hospital has had 209 unique patients test positive for Covid. 183 of those patients were unvaccinated (88%), 18 patients were fully vaccinated (9%), and 8 patients had received at least one dose of the vaccine (4%). This data does not include individuals who were tested at the Shelby County Health Department or any other testing location.

MHP Foundation: Want to help or buy lunch for MHP front line staff members? Monetary gifts are greatly appreciated. Gifts can be made online at or by contacting Angela Gill at Your gift may be used to purchase personal protection equipment, disinfecting supplies, testing/medical supplies, meals and other support for staff, assistance for patients with unmet Covid-19 related needs, and more.