• Overall update: Indiana’s Covid positivity rate is 9.9% and Shelby County is sitting at 15.29%. Priority Care averaged approximately 20 patients per day over the weekend, which is substantially lower than previous weeks. Our MHP Family and Internal Medicine walk-in clinic is also experiencing lower patient volumes compared to previous weeks.
  • Covid vaccine eligibility: The CDC recommends that people wait at least 14 days before getting any other vaccine, including a seasonal flu or shingles vaccine, if they get a COVID-19 vaccine first. If you get another vaccine first, wait at least 14 days before getting the COVID-19 vaccine. If a COVID-19 vaccine is inadvertently given within 14 days of another vaccine, you should still complete the series on the schedule according to the CDC.
  • MHP employee vaccination rate: Over 800 MHP employees have received the Covid vaccine and no one has reported anything other than normal vaccine reactions.
  • Bamlanivimab" Bam” monoclonal drug for Covid treatment. We have infused 409 patients with this Eli Lilly monoclonal drug. The patients who have received this infusion are doing well. We have a sufficient supply of both Regeneron and Bamlanivimab for our current needs.


  • Number of NEW positive results: 35 new positive cases since 1/22/202
    • Out of the 35 new positive cases, 4 patients required inpatient care and 31 remained outpatient. Supplies are good and the antigen, in-house testing is going great with significantly improved turnaround times compared to the send-out laboratory.


  • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 27 with 4 of those patients are in the Critical Care Unit (CCU).
    • Number of available 3rd floor beds: 13
  • Currently, we have 9 inpatients that tested positive for COVID.


  • Number of vents currently in use and number of vents available: We have 3 ventilator(s) in use and 2 BiPAPs in use, 0 trilogy units are in use. This leaves us with 14 ventilation units available.


  • Emergency Department experienced lower than average volumes with lower acuity over the weekend.