The MHP Medical Center is proud to announce the opening of the COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic as of January 15, 2021. The clinic is open 8 hours a day from Monday - Saturday, and it is located in the lower level auditorium. The eligibility of the vaccine is dictated by the state of Indiana, but criteria will expand every few weeks to include most people by late spring or early summer. The clinic currently vaccinates almost 200 individuals a day. We congratulate the hard work of all MHP employees who coordinated the start of our clinic.

Vaccine Site Near You – Vaccination sites are available at the Health Department and at the MHP Medical Center for Shelby County. You will be asked to provide ID and proof of age at the time.

How do I register? – Visit to register for your first vaccine at a site near you. If you do not have access to a computer or need assistance, call 211 to register by phone.

Is it safe for me? – The COVID-19 vaccine is new, but the science behind it is not. The FDA has said the vaccine meets its safety and effectiveness standards.

"I love to read the studies, know the numbers, and know the science behind things. The vaccine they have developed is safe and effective. I'm certain I'll get mine to not only protect myself, but to protect my family, the patients upstairs, and everybody. I hope to be the first in line!" --- Dr. Christian Ballast, MHP Hospitalist

"I feel that it is a very worthwhile endeavor to get this vaccine, and I think and hope that it will make a difference in the spread and containment of this illness. It is your right as Americans to live as you would like, but I feel it is the duty of citizens to try to keep other people from dying from this." --- Dr. Chris Loman, MHP Family Physician & Shelby County Health Officer

"Vaccine researchers were able to take the work that was done before, put it together with the genetic code from the current COVID virus, and develop a very effective and safe vaccine in a record ten months’ time. I would encourage everybody to get the vaccine." --- Dr. Paula Gustafson, MHP Chief Medical Officer