Join us in celebrating our OUTSTANDING Health Information Team at MHP during Health Information Professional Week, April 17th-24th. We are celebrating the impact health information professionals have on the quality of patient care around the globe! As COVID-19 has shown, health data and HIM work is more important than ever.

Health Information professionals are trusted by patients and providers alike to protect, interpret, and transmit the most sensitive data that exists about a person, while making sure it is available where and when it is needed. This year’s theme emphasizes or reminds us that as HIP professionals we keep health information human, and when health information stays human, it stays relevant!

Please join me in celebrating our HIM team at MHP!

  • Carol Hood- HIM Ambulatory Manager
  • Rachel Davis- HIM Facility Manager
  • Brenna Croft- Coder
  • Amber Nelson- Coder
  • Kate Fornoff- Coder
  • Angela Wanicki- Coder
  • Kim Jackson-Coder
  • Logan Hewitt-Coder
  • Missy Helms- Coder
  • Malnida Wildey- Coder
  • Nancy Scudder- Coder
  • Ric Wynn- Coder
  • Susan Smith- Coder
  • Roxanne Suits- Coder
  • Zach Porter- Coder
  • Susan Taylor- Coder
  • Robin Benefiel- Coder
  • Alli Dorn- Chart Analyst
  • Robyn Kelly- Medical Records Coordinator
  • Kim Sawyer- Medical Records Coordinator
  • Judy Owen- ROI Specialist
  • Kevin Fox- ROI Specialist
  • Jennifer Ramey- Optical Imaging Specialist
  • Lisa Gilsdorf- Optical Imaging Specialist
  • Chantal Merritt- Chart RAC Coordinator
  • Annette Croft- CDI Specialist
  • Beth Spence- CDI Specialist