MHP COVID-19 Daily Update
DATE: March 31, 2020

NEW SERVICE: MHP has launched a virtual clinic staffed with dedicated MHP providers. Get the care, treatment or medical advice you need using just your computer or phone. This service allows patients to seek medical advice from anywhere in the US, potentially eliminating the need to visit physician offices, urgent cares, or emergency departments. The MHP Virtual Clinic is staffed Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Please visit to sign up now.

    • 241 Telehealth visits have been conducted by MHP providers since 3/19
    • 163 Family & Internal Medicine Telehealth visits have occurred since 3/19
    • 12 MHP Psychology visits have occurred since 3/26
    • 7 additional providers were trained on 3/30 and will begin conducting visits today

Dedicated MHP Provider Virtual Clinic. MHP has launched a virtual clinic staffed with dedicated MHP providers. This service allows patients to seek medical advice from the comfort of their homes, potentially eliminating the need to visit physician offices, urgent care, or the emergency department. The MHP Virtual Clinic will be staffed Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

How can patients access the MHP Virtual Clinic?

1. Download the free myVirtualHealthVisit app (Google Play or iTunes) or enroll on your computer with the following link:

2. Enroll by creating a free login and entering your demographic information as well as the SERVICE KEY: mhpvisit.

3. If given the option,select MHP Telehealth and then select the MHP provider you would like to see.

Be sure to allow access to your camera and microphone if you are using the app. If you are connecting via desktop, be sure to test your computer settings.

For more information, visit our website:
If you have questions or need help enrolling, please call us at (317) 421-1956.

    • Shelby Go upcoming holiday closures: April 10th – Good Friday, May 22nd – Floating Holiday, May 25th – Memorial Day. ZTrip (formerly Yellow Cab) can be used as an alternative.
    • Nursing Homes: We have started rounding daily in the local nursing homes. We are exploring using more telehealth options for our nursing homes in order to keep patients from having to be transported to the hospital.
    • Lilly Drive-Thru Testing Center for healthcare workers and first responders: For information, please visit:
    • MedWorks Pharmacy: MedWorks will soon be sending discharge medications with inpatients upon discharge for convenience and to keep those at-risk patients in their homes instead of having to visit a pharmacy.
    • We need your empty hand sanitizer bottles. We are making our own hand sanitizer and need your empty containers in order to reuse.
    • Do you have items that you would like to donate? (hand sanitizer, masks, respirators, gloves, N95, bouffant caps, D-batteries, or gowns). If so, please contact Angela Gill (
    • Food Donations: Several community supporters have called to offer to donate food for our staff and physicians. Some are also doing it as a way to support those restaurants who are struggling to stay afloat while they are only open for carryout. We are extremely grateful for all the community support and selfless gestures. If you would like to find out more information, please contact Angela Gill (
    • Pharmacy: Our current medication supply is stable, however, our ability to replenish our supply is unknown at this time. Propofol is projected to be in shortage starting 4/19. We are researching our options and plans for an alternative solution or supplier.
    • Beds: We are receiving a donation of 7 inpatient beds from the Blue River Career Center.
    • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): our current supply is stable as compared to our daily burn rate.
    • We have 10 emergency ventilators that run on D-batteries only. The batteries are required to be changed every 48 hours. Our engineering staff are currently exploring how to covert these devices from battery operated to electric.
    • Priority Care located at 30 W. Rampart Road: Treated 30 patients yesterday and 20 patients so far today. Priority Care is open 7AM-7PM Monday through Friday and 8AM-2PM on Saturdays and Sundays.
    • Washington St. Clinic located at 157 W. Washington St: The Washington St. Clinic treated 26 patients yesterday and has seen 22 patients today so far. Washington St. Clinic is open 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.
    • 392-DOCS line had 40 phone calls yesterday.
    • Call Center volumes: 550 calls answered since Friday (does not include 392-DOCS line). Average queue hold one minute and 14 seconds with 94% answered.
    • Mananging visitation: Indiana hospitals are strictly enforcing visitation rules. We are following the same policies. However, Major Hospital understands you still need to see and hear your loved one. That’s why we have initiated using FaceTime or Skype connectivity for patients and their family members. We have dedicated iPads that our patients can use to communicate with the outside world using our dedicated Wi-Fi access. The inpatient nursing staff is also offering family members a phone number to call in for daily updates and offering to make daily calls to the patient’s family if preferred.
    • Visitors are prohibited with the following exceptions:
      • One designated at end of life with appropriate screening
      • One designated for laboring patient with appropriate screening
      • One designated for pediatric patient with appropriate screening
      • One designated for surgery patient with appropriate screening
    • If a visitor is permitted, the visitor must remain in the patient’s room and cannot come and go from the patient’s room. We are doing this to protect our other high-risk patients and our staff. The visitor must alsonot have a positive or pending COVID-19 test.
  • MHP TESTING STATUS:Please understand we are only able to report numbers and results of MHP patients who had their testing ordered or performed through MHP. The Shelby County Health Department receives the positive results for ALL Shelby County residents, regardless of the location where the testing was performed. If the COVID-19 test was not ordered or performed by MHP, we are not notified of the test or the result. Consequently, our reported testing data will differ from that information available through the Indiana State Department of Health, the CDC and the Shelby County Health Department.
    • Number of available swabs/media: 74. We anticipate an additional 300 early this week. We will continue to follow the ISDH/CDC testing protocols to determine which patients are eligible for testing.
    • Current number of inpatients: 19 (4 of our inpatients tested positive for COVID-19)
    • Current number of patients in isolation: 16 (4 patients are on a vent and 1 is on BiPap and 1 is on a trilogy device)
    • Number of available inpatient beds: 21
    • Number of ER patients in last 24 hours: 40
    • Number of ER patients with respiratory signs/symptoms: 17 (representing 42.5%)
    • 4 patients are in the ACC with 18
    • Indiana State Dept of Health Call Center for Healthcare workers and the general public (staffed 8AM-8PM) (317) 233-7125. Please call (317) 233-1325 after hours.
    • For the Shelby County Health Department, please call (317) 392-6470.