The Major Hospital Foundation is re-branding.

With the move to using "MHP" as our organization's name, the Foundation wanted to be sure that our name and look made it clear that we are associated with MHP. It only made sense!

You'll still see the old logo for a while since we will be phasing it out as deplete our supplies of letterhead and brochures and ordering with the new logo as we go.

You will also hear us referred to the MHP Foundation instead of the Major Hospital Foundation. Again, this is simply to give the Foundation the same look and feel as the rest of MHP.

The Foundation itself is the same, and our mission of supporting our organization and our patients through capital purchases, patient assistance, and health education is not changing.

To help with the transition and to remind people the Foundation is still the same, we've kept the oak leaf and acorn as well as the yellow dot from our old logo as parts of our new logo.

We hope you like our new look, and we hope you don't mind being a little bit patient as we phase out the old logo and phase in the new.