Lash extensions are one of the hottest trends in beauty right now. Everywhere you look, you see models, actresses and everyday folks wearing them. Eyelash extensions are the perfect accessory for weddings and proms or for anyone not wanting to fuss with mascara. Not sure if you are ready to try it out or not? Here's some more information to help you to decide.

The process of getting lash extensions applied is completely pain-free and easy, you just lie back and relax while the tech does the work. Imagine laying in a bed and napping or listening to your favorite music for about two hours while the lash technician uses a long set of tweezers to glue individual synthetic lashes to each one of your natural lashes.

Of course, there is maintenance required with lash extensions including "fill" appointments every two to three weeks. This follow-up is typically much shorter than that of a full set and consists of the lash technician replacing the lash extensions that have fallen out since your last visit.

One of the biggest perks in most clients' minds is the fact that mascara is a big no-no while having lash extensions. Nobody wants a clumpy looking set of eyelashes. Say hello to walking out the door quickly in the morning! Other things to steer clear of are excessive rubbing, excessive swimming, sauna, steam rooms, oil-based cosmetics, makeup removers and the use of eyelash curlers.

The client gets to determine how big and bold they want to go with their lashes because lash extensions come in varying lengths and colors. Be sure to discuss the ideal look you have in mind with your lash technician before you get started.

You may be wondering what happens if you are ready to quit your lashes? You have two options: One is to let the lash extensions fall out over time. Or, you can schedule a lash removal appointment with the lash technician. The last thing you want to do is to pull them out by hand. This can lead to damage to your own, natural lashes, and nobody wants that!

Lash extensions, fills and removals are all available at MHP Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. During the month of April, clients can receive a full set for $100 (a $50 savings). Fills and Removals cost $50 each. Call 317.421.1980 to schedule your lash extension appointment.