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    • When can COVID positive patients return to the Medical Center? As a general rule, it is safe for patients who have self-isolated for 14 days after a PRC positive result to return to the Medical Center. Initial indications show that viral cultures are negative after 14 days of the PRC positive result. Our providers will use their discretion and medical decision-making on what is best and safest for the patient on a case-by-case basis.
    • Enhanced Testing: Effective immediately, anyone can make an appointment for COVID testing. ISHD has removed all testing criteria (such as having symptoms or having contact with someone who has tested COVID positive). This is an effort to increase testing opportunities as cities begin to remove all their COVID restrictions. To register for testing at an ISDH/Optum Site call 888-634-1116 or visit
    • Antibody testing: MHP will be offering all employees the opportunity to receive one free of charge COVID-19 IgG antibody test. The COVID-19 IgG antibody is a blood test used to determine if you had a previous infection. It is not the nasal swab test used to determine if you have a current infection. Testing will be available to all MHP employees beginning Monday, June 15th through Monday, June 29th. Please note that this testing is voluntary. This test will indicate whether an individual was previously infected with COVID-19 and now possesses antibodies to the virus. According to the CDC, we do not know yet if having antibodies to the virus can protect someone from getting infected again or, if they do, how long this protection might last. If you test positive or negative for COVID-19 on a viral or an antibody test, you still should take preventive measures to protect yourself and others. To learn more about COVID-19 antibody testing, please visit the CDC website at Your participation will not only help you understand whether you’ve been previously exposed to COVID-19 but will also help others to understand the overall impact of the virus at MHP and in the community.

Interpretation of Your Results:


You produced the COVID-19 IgG antibody and have a high likelihood of prior infection. You may not have experienced any symptoms. It is unclear at this time if a positive IgG infers immunity against future COVID-19 infection. Please continue with universal precautions: social distancing, hand washing, and PPE such as masks or gloves when applicable.


You tested negative for COVID-19 IgG antibody. This means you have not been infected with COVID-19. Note: It may take 14-21 days to produce detectable levels of IgG following infection. If you had symptoms consistent with COVID-19 within the past 3 weeks and tested negative, a repeat test in 1-2 weeks may yield a positive result.

  • MHP Foundation: Want to help? Monetary gifts are greatly accepted. Gifts can be made online at or by contacting Angela Gill at Your gift may be used to purchase personal protection equipment, disinfecting supplies, testing/medical supplies, meals and other support for staff, assistance for patients with unmet Covid-19 related needs, and more.
    • Number of MHP patients tested: 2,413
    • Number of pending results: 54
    • Number of positive results: 244 (increase of 4 since 6/8)
    • Current number of 3rd floor inpatients: 21
    • Current number of patients with respiratory related diagnoses: 6
    • Number of available 3rd floor beds: 19
    • Currently, we have 0 inpatients that tested positive and 9 inpatients have pending results on the 3rd floor.
    • Number of inpatients in the 1st floor ACC unit: 8 with 14 beds available and none of these are patients that have positive or suspected COVID.
    • Number of ER patients in last 24 hours: 68 (June average of 52 patients/day)
    • Number of ER patients with respiratory signs/symptoms: 4 (representing 6%)
    • Number of vents currently in use and number of vents available:
    • We have 1 ventilators are in use and 2 BiPAP in use. This leaves us with 17 ventilation units available.
    • We also have 10 disaster vents available and 6 home Cpap units (not included in the above totals).
    • Priority Care: Priority Care treated 15 patients yesterday with respiratory signs/symptoms.
    • Washington St. Clinic: This location is now temporarily closed until further notice.
    • Number of available swabs/media for testing: 114 for the IU lab and/or State lab (plus an additional 250+ GuideMed tests through Priority Care). We have requested an additional 300 testing supplies for the IU lab/State lab.