The MHP Giving Tree is the name used to recognize the group of employees who make annual contributions to the MHP Foundation. They recently just completed their goal of raising $100,000 each year for five years!

This year, we used those funds for something very special to MHP employees.

The Foundation asked for proposals from staff for projects that meet at least three of the five MHP Pillars of Excellence:

  • Delivering quality clinical outcomes
  • Providing a quality customer experience
  • Recruiting, developing, & retaining quality people
  • Applying quality financial practices
  • Promoting and embracing enterprise wide growth

The MHP Medical Center is an amazing facility that facilitates care, but the staff members inside are the heart of the organization. These employee-inspired projects help our staff do an even better job of caring for Shelby County patients.

Making this change to the campaign comes at just the right time. MHP's 100 year anniversary is in 2024, and the MHP Giving Tree is celebrating by raising another $500,000 by the anniversary. By 2024, employees will have raised $1,000,000 for MHP!

We think "A Million for Major" is pretty amazing!

MHP employees are already off to an amazing start. In the most recent campaign, generous employees exceeded their $100,000 goal again! MHP Employees raised a total of $103,715!!

You can read all about this year’s employee projects by visiting here.