MHP wants to thank all the community organizations and individuals who have donated so far!! We greatly appreciate everyone’s compassion and generosity and are honored to be caring for our community in this time of need.

Company/Person Donation
Freudenburg PPE
Knauf Tyvek Suits, N95 masks, coveralls
Blue River Career Gowns Goggles Masks Gloves
NSCI Respirators
Girl Scout Troop 340-Morristown Cookies
Harrold, Denny & Mary Ann 2 pairs safety goggles
Dean, Bernie 300 face masks
Pennycuff, Melinda, Dean's dry cleaning 1 respirator, 1 face mask
Bowers, Tom foot covers & dust masks
Builders Lumber 48 pairs safety glasses
C-Tech box of N95 masks
Ivy Tech box of N95 masks
MCL (same as MPL?) N95 masks
Shelby Materials 48 pairs safety glasses, wrapped
Shelbyville Central Schools 300 vinyl gloves
Shelbyville Central Schools 18 pairs of heavyweight latex gloves
Shelbyville Central Schools 1100 latex gloves
Shelbyville Central Schools 500 nitrile gloves
Shelbyville Central Schools 36 pair wrapped safety glasses
Shelbyville Central Schools 23 N95 masks
Shelbyville Central Schools 20 N95 valved masks
Shelbyville Central Schools 33 filter masks
Shelbyville Central Schools 217 pairs unwrapped goggles
Shelbyville Central Schools 23 pairs wrapped goggles
Shelbyville Central Schools 85 pairs unwrapped safety glasses
Kelly, Robyn 20 pairs of safety glasses
Seniors Helping Seniors 600 vinyl gloves
Wilhelm Construction loaned two HEPA Air filtration units for 157
Daytons Family Affair 16 pizzas, fried chicken
White Castle 2 crave cases
ERMCO safety glasses, Wes Taylor
Fastenal Safety glasses
Chicken Inn thirty-nine meals for EVS
Jimmy John's food
Brewer Machine 24 pairs safety glasses
Meyer, Lorraine masks she made and gloves
Judy King quilt
Rigsbee Orthodontics safety glasses
Harden, Patricia N95 masks
Plymate, Betsy masks she made
Stephens, Celia 2000 pairs nitrile gloves, L
PKUSA, Sandy Lacy & Bill Kent N95 masks
MPL N95 masks & 1/2 respirators w/ filters
Montgomery, Jill & Brent procedure masks
Gaines, Sabrina N95 masks
Dickson, Ronald CPAP Machine
Goode, Brandi home-made masks
Lux, Larry lab coats/gowns
Henderson, Kyle food for staff