Thanks to the generosity of a special donor, patients with kidney disease will receive specialized, convenient care at the Sue Ann Wortman Nephrology Center.

Bob Wortman, Morristown, Indiana, is helping to bring life-saving treatment to MHP in memory of his wife of nearly sixty years, Sue Ann Wortman. Sue Ann passed away in 2015.

His devotion to her is evident as he recalls their many years together, starting out as childhood sweethearts, raising a family, and growing a successful business side-by-side. They were truly partners, and keeping her memory alive in meaningful ways, especially in ways that are of service to others, is important to Mr. Wortman.

Sue Ann fought many medical battles during her life, including breast and lung cancer. Near the end of her life, doctors recommended dialysis, but no one was sure she could survive the out of town trip to receive it, even via ambulance. Her circumstances make the name of the Sue Ann Wortman Nephrology Center even more poignant for the Wortman Family. Perhaps she could have received dialysis there, just a few miles down the road from their home.

The Sue Ann Wortman Nephrology Center, on the first floor of the MHP Professional building in Intelliplex Park, will house the nephrology practice. The practice will be staffed by Dr. Jorge Diego and Dr. Cris Vieira, both board-certified physicians in nephrology. MHP is partnering with US Renal to provide dialysis treatment at the Center. The Center is slated to be open in August or September of 2019, and an open house and dedication ceremony is in the works.

Approximately 800 people in the MHP service area have stage three kidney disease, and 125 are on dialysis. According to Jack Horner, President, and CEO of MHP, "The Sue Ann Wortman Nephrology Center will provide a valuable service to kidney patients in our service area, allowing them to receive treatment at their local facility with local physicians and in the MHP tradition of genuine care and quality. We are very grateful to Mr. Wortman for stepping forward with this gift to help us build the Center, and we are proud to have Sue Ann Wortman's name on it. Mr. Wortman is doing a wonderful thing for this community."