MHP Incident Command Update

January 7, 2022

General Update: Indiana’s overall Covid positivity rate is 23.8% and Shelby County’s positivity rate is 17.2%. The state’s positivity rate increased by 3% since Wednesday and Shelby County’s rate remained the same. Out of the new positive cases, 17% represent the Omicron variant and 83% represent the Delta variant.

Still thinking about whether or not to get a Covid vaccine? Consider the data from these three slides…

Inpatient unit: Thirty-nine of our 40 beds are full on our 3rd-floor inpatient unit, but the Emergency Department currently has four patients who are expected to need admitted shortly.

  • We currently have 11 critical care patients on the 3rd floor, and 10 (91%) of those patients are due to Covid. Of the 11 Covid-related critical care patients, only two are vaccinated.
  • We have five patients on ventilators and all of those patients are Covid positive and none of those patients are vaccinated. We have four additional patients who are on Vapotherm or BiPap, and all of those patients are Covid positive and two are vaccinated.
  • Twenty-two (56%) of our inpatients are Covid positive, and twenty (91%) of them are unvaccinated.

Regeneron supply: As of this morning, we have 22 doses of Regeneron remaining. We received 40 additional doses Thursday. We will run out again today without an additional shipment from the state. We will continue to use Regeneron until the Omicron variant becomes the dominant strain over the next several days. This extreme shortage has required us to significantly prioritize which patients are eligible to receive the infusion. The infusion combination drugs that are deemed effective for the Omicron variant are also in short supply and inventory is tightly controlled by the state.

Supply shortages: We are continuing to conserve blood tubes due to the national shortage.

Urgent Care and walk-in volumes: Priority Care saw 68 urgent care patients yesterday, which represents a decrease compared to earlier in the week. MHP Family & Internal Medicine and MHP Pediatrics have also experienced declines in walk-in visits compared to earlier in the week. The Emergency Department is averaging approximately 80 patients per day and the majority of patients continue to present with high acuity.

Don't visit an Emergency Room for just a COVID test. - This will help us in treating patients who require emergency care.

Need a Covid test? How about a Covid vaccine or booster? January 5th through January 8th from 12PM to 8PM, the Indiana State Department of Health will be offering Covid testing and Covid vaccines and boosters at the Shelby County Fairgrounds in the Brinson Building at 500 Frank Street.