MHP Incident Command Update

February 9, 2022

General update: Shelby County’s current positivity rate decreased slightly to 27.3% and Indiana’s positivity rate decreased significantly to 21.9%. Nearly every Indiana county remains in the “red” positivity category, but almost all have a declining number of cases. Of all the new Covid diagnoses, 85.5% consist of the Omicron variant; 7.1% consist of the Delta variant, and 7.4% consist of a non-identified subvariant of Omicron.

Inpatient unit: Thirty-nine of our 40 beds are full on our 3rd-floor inpatient unit.

  • We currently have 9 critical care patients on the 3rd floor, and 2 (22%) of those patients are due to Covid. Of the 2 Covid-related critical care patients, one is vaccinated.
  • We have two patients on a ventilator and neither of those patients is Covid positive. We have one additional patient who is on Vapotherm or BiPap, and that patient is Covid positive and unvaccinated.
  • Thirteen (33%) of our inpatients are Covid positive, and six (46%) of them are unvaccinated.
  • We have had four deaths since our last update where Covid caused or significantly contributed to the cause of death.

Urgent Care and walk-in volumes: All walk-in and acute care volumes across the system have decreased substantially since last week, including the Emergency Department.