Positivity rate: Indiana’s Covid positivity rate has increased to 11.9% and Shelby County is currently at 12.8%; remaining in “Orange” status.

MHP Priority Care and MHP Pediatrics walk-ins: We are seeing approximately 70 urgent care patients per day at Priority Care. Most of those patients are presenting with Covid-like symptoms. At MHP Pediatrics, we are averaging 15-20 more walk-in patients than what we typically see this time of year.

Emergency Department: The Emergency Department saw 82 patients yesterday, which remains above our typical September volumes. 35% of our Emergency Room patients are presenting with high acuity. We are completely out of Bamlanivimab (“Bam”) and Regeneron and can no longer infuse high-risk patients who are Covid positive. These drugs were our best treatment options that have proven effective in preventing Covid hospitalizations. We do not have a shipping date for new supply.

Inpatient unit: All 40 inpatients beds are full on our 3rd floor inpatient unit, including the ICU.

  • We currently have 14 critical care patients on the 3rd floor and 9 of those patients are due to Covid.
  • We have 5 patients on ventilators, plus 7 additional patients that are on Vapotherm or BiPap. Four of our five ventilated patients are due to Covid and none of those patients are vaccinated.
  • We have had 3 Covid deaths in the last few days.
  • 23 of our inpatients are Covid positive and 16 of those inpatients have not been vaccinated.
  • We have 7 inpatients in our ACC department and all of those are non-Covid.

Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C): See this link for details.